Sunday services and children’s religious education are held at 11:00 a.m.

We believe that we are all family and we all have value.

The purpose of Community Church is to form a community to practice and advance a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, the inherent worth and dignity of every person and a commitment to ethical living.

We invite you to visit us on Sunday mornings to explore our spirituality together.  All are welcome.


On June 4, 2017, the congregation of CCUU voted to declare itself a Sanctuary Church and signed the UUA-UUSC Declaration of Conscience.

CCUU Has a New Minister!

On June 4, 2017, CCUU’s Board of Trustees signed a two-year Consulting Minister Covenant with the Rev. Darcy Roake.  She will begin serving as CCUU’s minister on August 1, 2017.
The Reverend Darcy Roake is a Unitarian Universalist Minister who supports our Association’s Stewardship work through our UUA Society for Stewardship as well as preaching, teaching and connecting UU Congregants across the United States. Rev. Darcy lives in New Orleans, LA with her husband Adrian and son Sebastian and she is enjoying getting to know our Unitarian Universalist Congregations in the Southern Region. Rev. Darcy has a wide background in social justice and pastoral care in workplaces as varied  as Oxfam America, Amnesty International, the United Nations, the Navajo Nation Public Defender’s Office, and  Massachusetts General Hospital. Rev. Darcy is currently a member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Clergy Advocacy Board. Darcy received a B.A. in Religious Studies from Brown University and graduated with a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School.

 July Services at CCUU

July 2, 1967 to 2017: From a “Summer of Love” to Answering the Call of Love. Rev. Jim looks back at the Summer of Love to bring its inputs and metaphors into the approaches of Unitarian Universalists today. Let us join together, sisters and brothers, “answering the call of love”—bending ourselves outward toward the world that surrounds us.

July 9, May your enemies be scattered! Your minister turns to the book of Numbers (10:3311: 3) for words intended for people who make some mistakes every once in a while, or maybe more often, folks who are much like you and I. (This message is a preview of words to be shared at Christian Unity Baptist Church when the Reverend Jim VanderWeele and the Reverend Dr. Dwight Webster exchange pulpits.)

July 16, The Rev. Dr. Dwight Webster from Christian Unity Baptist Church will be our minister. More information on this service will follow soon. July 23, Our speaker will be the Reverend Jacqueline Luck who is a member of our congregation. More information on this service will follow soon.

July 30, Fare Thee Well. We bid “Adieu” to each other with a service that will include a child dedication and the benedictory presence of local UU ministers. On his last service at CCUU your outgoing minister has been gifted with the honor of participating in the dedication of Sebastian (the son of the Reverend Darcy Roake) into our church community. May this service serve as a sign of the many changes ahead as CCUU enters into another transition.

Second Sunday Charitable Collection – July 9, 2017

Red Flame 1

Our charitable plate collection in July will benefit The Original Big 7’s All Youth Mardi Gras Indian Tribe, the Red Flame Hunters. Our donations are used to purchase supplies to make suits for all of the kids that want so much to be a part of the tribe. Volunteers in beading and sewing are also most welcome. They meet regularly at Director Ed Buckner’s house, located at 1825 Elysian Fields Avenue.

Ed and his Red Flame Hunters led the UUA General Assembly public witness second line parade and one of the social justice projects. The Hunters created beaded “broaches” from images provided to them of our seven principles, the UUA logo, and the GNOUU rising phoenix. These broaches were then attached to a velvet-covered globe. The globe will travel to UU congregations around the country where the story of Ed and the Red Flame Hunters will be told and collections taken up.

Red Flame 2

Ed will join us and update us on their activities.

Red Flame 3 Red Flame 4