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Monday, 22 March 2010 19:09

 What’s a Yahoo! Group?

A Yahoo! Group is any group —your family, friends you see every summer, business associates, your book group, etc. —that usesYahoo! Groups <>to privately share info, images, ideas and more —on the web. It’s free, secure and spam-protected.

Above Pasted from <;_ylt=AvFq9MuNNvRBvnYGnOpa2PXxliR4>


We have a Yahoo! Group for CCUU Members and Friends. We welcome and encourage everyone of good intentions to apply for a subscription to the email list. We haven't used any features of the Yahoo! Group except for their email list.


Use of these other features would require users to first get a Yahoo ID and password, then use it to sign into the Yahoo Groups website. At CCUU we just ask everyone who is willing and able subscribe from their email address or addresses to the CCUU Yahoo! Groups email list. However, if you have or get a Yahoo ID to log into the group web site, you will find archives of the emails sent. At one time FUUCNO used their Yahoo! Group's calendar function and maybe still do, but we have a better calendar elsewhere. Members and Friends might consider getting a Yahoo! ID though, especially if they expect to set up their own Yahoo! Group for free in future.


Subscribe to our group’s mailing list only

Since we only use the mailing list feature of our group, you can sign up most simply by signing up just to receive email messages from the group. However, when you’re only on the mailing list, you can’t access the group's web features (photos, files, links, polls, and calendar).

To subscribe to our group's mailing list via email:


1. Send an email to the address below from the email address that you wish to receive the groups emails at:

2. The moderator of the group will get an email asking for approval to add you to the group. Once the moderator approves, you will then receive a confirmation message -to make sure we have your email address correctly entered. To activate your subscription, just reply to the confirmation message you receive from the group.


How much Yahoo! Groups activity can I do via email, and how?

With Yahoo! Groups, you can do a lot (subscribe, send messages, receive Group updates…and more!) purely with email. Here are some useful email operations:

To join our group, send a blank message to:

To unsubscribe from our group, send a blank message to:

To post a message to the group, send your message to:

To post a message to the group's owners and moderators, send a message to:

To put the group’s email message delivery on hold, send a blank message to:

To change your subscription to daily digest mode, send a blank message to:

To change your subscription to individual emails from the group, send a blank message to:

To receive general help information, send a blank message to:


Pasted from <;_ylt=Ai33pVk89lv7JVlhBC33TwAilyR4> and then "liberally" edited by David Wadleigh


Technology Impaired? Email David Wadleigh, at who can always unsnarl it and get you on the mail list or off of it. He will always help, but tends to be more gracious on good days and has a tendency to goad people into learning how themselves (especially if he suspects they are capable but slacking off asking him to do it for them). On the other hand, if you are stuck don't spin your wheels, email me and I will unbamboozle things.

Click here if you are flumoxed, bumfuzzled, discombooberated, bamboozled or very loosely coupled to the technology all around you. Or if reading in print, email David Wadleigh as

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