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GNOUU is a local cluster of UU churches who are revitalizing their faith while rebuilding their city.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 20:48
CCUU is a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). But this is not a top-down church.  There is no higher denominational entity giving us money. To the contrary, in addition to our operating budget, we give a percentage of our budget to the UUA and to non-profits that are doing work that is in line with our values.
CCUU’s annual budget drive is held yearly in October and November.  Every member of CCUU is asked to fulfill the expectations of membership by giving generously of their time, talent, and treasure.  Nothing in this church exists without the generosity of our membership.
During the annual budget drive, each of us is asked to pledge financial support for the church’s operating budget for the following year.  To do this, a Financial Commitment Form is completed.  We ask that each member give the UUA’s suggested Fair Share Giving Guide his or her full consideration in deciding his or her financial commitment to our church. 
Generosity is not about a number. It is not about an amount or a quantity of time given (giving of your talents is a form of generosity). A generous person lives with a sense of trust and abundance, and each person will know what the “right” amount to give is.
As each of us decides on our financial commitment for the next Annual Budget Year, we are asked to consider the broader mission and ministry of the congregation: our personal connection and engagement, the warmth of authentic community, the opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, the nurture of our children in Religious Education, our congregation's support to the surrounding community, the support for people who need caring, and our consistent availability for people who seek welcome in our congregation.
The church is only as strong as its members and friends are generous. The more time, talent and treasures the church receives, the farther our message can reach.
The UUA’s suggested Fair Share Giving Guide and a sample of CCUU’s Financial Commitment Form are available using the links below.

Fair Share Giving Guide

CCUU’s Financial Commitment Form

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